About Inti

Welcome to the world of INTI Knitwear!

We proudly present our 2015 – 2016 fashion collection. Each INTI item is closely knit with the energy, attention and stories of special people and animals.

First of all there is the unique soft, silky Alpaca wool, once seen by the Incas as a gift from the gods. Likewise, the highly durable Merino wool used for our tweeds has been praised through the ages for its refined, tickle-free yarn.

INTI designer Anna Cales draws inspiration from wide South American vistas and the aromas, colours and traditions of fascinating cultures. She translates these into fashion with a perfect fit in line with European measures and styles. INTI colours are also inspired by earthly, natural beauty and based on close consultation with their local colour masters. The creative use of natural tones gives INTI a unique and authentic touch.

The INTI studio in Ecuador is proud to work with a loyal team of local craftsmen and women. With saint-like patience the designs are analysed by wonderfully talented ‘knit-stars’ who figure out the details required to realise Anna’s ideas. Together they discuss patterns, stitches, buttons and zippers. These leading ladies then pass on the instructions to their knitters who work from home or in small groups. INTI garments are all made by hand. You will sense the care, devotion, expertise and passion that goes into each INTI item.

INTI Knitwear was started 22 years ago when Dutch partners Anna Cales and Leon van den Broek ventured into Ecuador. They had come up with a fantastic idea and it worked! These days INTI is an impressive, e-quality based company that designs and produces high-class, original and cool woollen fashion for an international market. INTI has an eco-friendly, sustainable and refined policy and respectfully connects nature, culture and people. From connection to fashion collection, just like they imagined in the beginning. INTI colleagues/founders Anna and Leon live and work in both the Netherlands and Ecuador.